Captain Airbus A319/320/321

A320 CAPTAIN VACANCY---Fantastic Salary with Commuting Available

Location: Chongqing, China

Position: Captain

Job Type: Airline

Primary Aircraft : Airbus A319/320/321 (Total Time:3000, PIC:500, Type Rating:Required)

Minimum Pay: $168,000.00 (Yearly)

Maximum Pay: N/A

Flight Time Requirements Snapshot

  • Total Flight Time: 3000
  • Pilot In Command: 500
  • Turbine PIC: 500
  • Multi Engine: 500
  • Actual Instrument: N/A

Job Description

The company was established in March 2006 by its parent company, with the launch of scheduled services on 14 July 2010. Until Jan.2012, it has 11 A320 aircrafts. It will recruit 20 A320 captains in 2012. Domicile: Chongqing, China Contract terms: 3 years, renewable Conditions: Annual Bonus: USD 8,000 (1st year) ; USD 12,000 (2nd year) ; USD 15,000 (3rd year) Housing Allowance: USD 500 per month housing and transportation allowance Sick Leave: 7 days Ticket Benefit: USD 10,000 per year international air ticket subsidies Unlimited supernumerary travel on Company flight for pilots Unlimited ID 75 standby tickets on Company domestic flight for pilots’ family ( unconfirmed tickets, economy class) Limited ID 100 standby tickets on Company domestic flight for pilots’ family (confirmed tickets, economy class) Patterns: Option One: 21 days on/ 7 days off plus 16 days annual leave Annual package USD 234,000 to USD 241,000 USD 175,000 per month basic service fee Overtime pay USD 200/hour over 80 hours/month Option Two: 35 days on/ 21 days off plus no annual leave Annual package USD 225,600 to USD 232,600 USD 168,000 per month basic service fee Overtime pay USD 185/hour over 80 hours/month Option Three: 10 days off per month plus 20 days annual leave Annual package USD 212,400 to USD 219,400 USD 157,000 per month basic service fee Overtime pay USD 170/hour over 80 hours/month Option Four: 15 days on/ 15 days off with no annual leave Annual package USD 168,000 to USD 175,000 USD 12,000 per month basic service fee Overtime pay USD 160/hour over 65 hours/month

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Requirements: 3000+ hours total time 500+ hours PIC on A320 series aircrafts Current flight within recent 12 calendar months Age no more than 56 ICAO level 4 Medical Class 1 No history of incidents or accidents No criminal record Documents needed: Application Form Passport ATPL with ICAO English level Class 1 Medical Certificate Last 3 pages of logbook.

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