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Flight Instructor

Certified Flight Instructor

  • Location: New Bedford, Massachusetts, United States
  • Position: Flight Instructor
  • Job Type: Flight Instructor
  • Minimum Pay: $22.00 (Hourly)
  • Maximum Pay: $25.00 (Hourly)

Flight Time Requirements Snapshot

  • Total Flight Time: N/A
  • Pilot In Command: N/A
  • Turbine PIC: N/A
  • Multi Engine: N/A
  • Actual Instrument: N/A

Job Description

Provide flight, simulator, and ground instruction in accordance with flight training program and FAA policies and procedures.
Comply with all applicable and FAA regulations to ensure the highest quality of training is provided to assigned student(s) in each flight course.
Please note, hourly rate is commensurate with level of certification.
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Minimum Requirements

- FAA Certified Flight Instructor, Airplane Single Engine Land, Instrument Airplane.
- Must hold a current and valid FAA Medical Certificate.
- Must have no limitations on the Medical Certificate preventing the applicant from conducting flight training activity.
- Ability to demonstrate safe practices and procedures at all times when operating in the aviation environment.
- Ability to simultaneously demonstrate and perform maneuvers and procedures and give effective flight instruction to students at various levels of flight training and experience.
- Ability to demonstrate instructional knowledge of required material and impart said knowledge to students with a high degree of accuracy and skill.
- Ability and desire to provide the highest level of customer service and quality flight training to all students, agents, and partner agencies.
- Ability to work effectively under pressure while demonstrating good judgment and sound aeronautical decision making skills in a fast-paced and noisy environment.

Preferred Qualifications
- In-depth knowledge of all applicable Federal Aviation Regulations and administrative and operational policies and procedures.
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