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Captain Gulfstream G650

G650 and Lear 75 Captain

  • Location: College Station, Texas, United States
  • Position: Captain
  • Job Type: Corporate, Charter

Primary Aircraft

  • Gulfstream G650 (Type Rating:Required)
  • Learjet LR 75 ( Type Rating:Required)

Flight Time Requirements Snapshot

  • Total Flight Time: 3500
  • Pilot In Command: 2000
  • Turbine PIC: 500
  • Multi Engine: N/A
  • Actual Instrument: 300

Job Description

Seeking qualified PIC candidates for a G650 and Lear 75 based in CU (College Station, TX). This position will not be an employee of the comanybut will be employed by the affiliate client. This is a three-pilot account supported by a full-time maintenance technician and flight attendant flying part 135 and 91. The G650 averages 225 hours per year and the Lear 75 averages 200 hours per year.
Evaluate and collaborate with other crew members all risk factors and adjust trip as necessary; i.e. cancel, reroute, divert, or delay any trip segment which might encounter hazardous conditions or other factors in order to maintain the highest degree of safety
Collaborate with the company Chief Pilot as needed regarding crew matters, aircraft operations and any other items where assistance is required
Document all aircraft maintenance issues appropriately with notification to the company Fleet Maintenance
Maintain a pleasant work environment through use of CRM techniques.
Provide the highest level of customer service to passengers. Represent the company in a professional manner at all times while dealing with support personnel
Perform all post flight duties as required
Complete assigned administrative duties in a timely fashion, (expense reporting etc.) Comply with all Government laws, regulations, the company policies, procedures, and standards
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Minimum Requirements

Airman Certificate ATP
Ratings Appropriate PIC Type Rating
Medical Certificate* First-class, valid for ATP privileges
Total Flight Time 3500
Pilot in Command 2000
Instrument 300
Turbine Engine 500
Preference will be given to local candidate's type rated in the GVI and/or Lear 45. King Air 200 GT experience or any prior King Air experience is a plus. This is not a commutable position and will require residing within 70 miles of College Station, Texas (Easterwood Airport KCLL). ... Continue Reading

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