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Captain Falcon 2000

Jet Captain

  • Location: Windsor Locks, Connecticut, United States
  • Position: Captain
  • Job Type: Charter

Primary Aircraft

  • Falcon 2000 (Type Rating:Required)

Flight Time Requirements Snapshot

  • Total Flight Time: N/A
  • Pilot In Command: N/A
  • Turbine PIC: N/A
  • Multi Engine: N/A
  • Actual Instrument: N/A

Job Description

Provides excellent customer service to passengersValidates trip details prior to departureComplies with schedules and other directives governing the aircraft's operationEnsures checklist useContacts and briefs the aircrew the night before the tripSupervises the SIC in any duties necessary for the smooth, safe, and efficient operation of the aircraftCoordinates the functioning of all aircraft crew members assigned to the flightMonitors aircraft crewmember performance, shares knowledge with aircraft crewmembersMakes decisions necessary to start, delay, or cancel flights and deviate the flight from planned route or destination when operating conditions dictateMaintains currency and proficiency in assigned Flight Department aircraftEnsures that the aircraft is airworthy and registered and that the required documentation is onboard the aircraftChecks weather and all applicable of the company where available, and determines fuel, oil, and oxygen requirementsEnsures that all flight-planning requirements have been metEnsures that aircraft crewmembers have valid licenses, medical certificates, passports and visas, when required, in accordance with the CFRs, and ICAOAnnex 1 when operating internationallyEnsures that the flight will not be commenced if an aircraft crewmember is incapacitated from performing duties by any cause such as injury, sickness, fatigue, or the effects of any psychoactive substanceEnsures that the flight will not be continued beyond the nearest suitable airport when aircraft crewmembers’ capacity to perform functions is significantly reduced by impairment of faculties from causes such as fatigue, sickness, or lack of oxygenConfirms any nonstandard environmental rules and procedures at the intended departure and destination airportsEnsures an aircraft preflight inspection is completed before each departureEnsures databases are currentEnsures iPads are updated and adequately charged for the assigned flightEnsures the Passenger Safety Briefing is given to the passengersEnsures food safety when no Flight Attendant is presentOperates the aircraft per Standard Operating Procedures and within aircraft limitationsContinually monitors the amount of usable fuel to ensure a safe landing with appropriate fuel reserves and communicates with ATC during abnormal situationsEnsures compliance with Customs, Immigration and cabotage lawsCompletes all postflight duties, including notifying the Company of deviations to any planned itinerary or overnight locationRecords flight times and reports all known or suspected defects in the aircraft to management and maintenance personnel at the termination of the flightReports all known or suspected FAA violations or incidents to the Chief Pilot and/or Assistant Chief Pilot as soon as practicalReports any act of unlawful interference to the FAA or State (Mandatory Occurrence Report), as appropriate, and to the designated local authorityAs soon as possible, reports to the appropriate ATC facility any hazardous weather or flight conditions encountered that are likely to affect the safety of other aircraftIn the event of an accident / incident, preserves flight and cockpit voice recorder dataNotifies the appropriate authority, by the quickest available means, of any accident involving the aircraftMaintains a working knowledge of IS-BAORemains knowledgeable of pertinent areas of the FOMAssumes any duties delegated by the Chief Pilot and/or Assistant Chief Pilot. ... Continue Reading

Minimum Requirements

Holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificate with Multi-Engine Rating (fixed wing) and is type rate in type rated in the appropriate aircraft in which the pilot is to act as Pilot-in-CommandPossesses a First Class FAA Medical CertificateExperience with Falcon 2000LXS and/or Falcon 900LXInternational experience (to include Oceanic operations) requiredExcellent verbal and written communication skillsPREFERRED QUALIFICATIONS
Possesses a Bachelor Degree (highly desirable). ... Continue Reading

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