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Simulator Instructor Challenger 850/CL-65 CRJ

Simulator Instructor

  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
  • Position: Simulator Instructor
  • Job Type: Airline, Flight Instructor

Primary Aircraft

  • Challenger 850/CL-65 CRJ (Type Rating:Required)
  • Bombardier CRJ 200
  • Bombardier CRJ 700

Flight Time Requirements Snapshot

  • Total Flight Time: N/A
  • Pilot In Command: N/A
  • Turbine PIC: N/A
  • Multi Engine: N/A
  • Actual Instrument: N/A

Job Description

Provide Flight Instruction in a Full Flight Simulator
Instruct Initial, Upgrading and Transitioning Pilots.
Adhere to Company Standard Operating Procedures.
Completion of Student Training Records
Developmental duties as assigned

Director of Training - Departmental goals, policies and procedures
Manager of Flight Standards - Operating Procedures validation
Check Airman Supervisor - Student progress, duties as assigned
Flight Training Administration – Scheduling and records
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Minimum Requirements

CL-65 Type Rated
Line experience on the CRJ 200/700/900
Good communication skills
121 instructor experience
Previous 121 check airmen recommended
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